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Updated: Jan 28, 2019


Thank you for stopping by to read my new blog.

My name is Becky de Wet; Mummy of 2 beautiful girls, Chloe (10) and Olivia (4). The name Chloivia was derived from my gorgeous girls, so it is really personal to me.

I have started this blog to run alongside my new business venture.

I am currently working hard behind the scenes to create a Virtual Assistant Business which will launch on Monday 10th December 2018!

My Story

I have been coached by a lovely lady who inspires me everyday with her story and businesses and I highly recommend her- Chanel Morales.

I met Chanel a couple of years ago when she came to speak at one of my

groups, and then she continued to attend the meetings until earlier this year. Earlier this year Chanel's life changed in a big way, when she packed up everything and decided to travel the world with her daughter- you can read more on Chanel here.

The reason I decided on becoming a VA is because I have over 20 years experience with computers, people often say I'm a whizz on a computer. I am a sufferer of depression and anxiety, so hiding behind a computer screen is my happy place, it seemed only right to turn this happy place into a business venture.

I can't wait to launch and start working with lots of fabulous people, I hope you will join me and follow my journey.

Bye for now


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