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A couple of weeks ago me and Nicolina Barratt attended the PA Show. We were soooo excited to be leaving the house never-mind going to London! So we hopped on the train (First Class may I add) and headed to London!

Information Overload

When I got back from London, my hands and head were jam packed with information! Plus a wonderful array of freebies! I certainly won't be short of pen's in the near future!!

At the end of day 1; we'd spent a lot of time going around the various stands, chatting to various business owners etc. Everyone was so lovely and friendly.

In the evening we relished being child free and went shopping in Shepherd's Bush, followed by dinner.

By the end of the evening our feet were sore- I'd done 17953 steps!

Day 2

After being woken up at 4am by the fire alarm going off (not impressed), we woke up tired and groggy. After a quick breakfast we jumped onto the tube and made our way for day 2 - The VA show. We made it just in time to watch the #MyVACareer Breakfast Session. This Session was led by Lina Bourdon (FSB Women). The panel consisted of Amanda Johnson (VACT), Catherine Gladwyn (Delegate VA) and Felicity Webb (The UK VA). They had a really goody discussion about various topics, including their backgrounds, their experiences, and their future etc.

It was amazing to hear where they had come from and how far they have come. My favourite quote from the morning has to be;

"I'm not bossy, I just have good leadership skills" - Amanda Johnson


Following on from the Breakfast Session we had another browse around the stands and then we

went to the VACT stand and had the privilege of meeting Amanda.

Amanda is a genuinely lovely person, although she was in demand, she took the time to chat with us and answer any questions we had. I'm happy to say I am now a member of VACT and look forward to working with Amanda in the future.

Lessons Learned

Although we had an amazing time at the PA Show, we did learn a few things.

  • Book well in Advance for the VA talks- they get booked up quickly

  • Stay longer for the VA Show to get the most out of it

  • Find a networking event the evening before or try to meet up with other VA's

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