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People Who Inspire Me...

When I started;

When I started in business four years ago, I knew nobody in the business industry. It took a lot of research, time and hard work.

I've built a lot of relationships during this time so, I thought it would be nice to write about some of the people who inspire me the most.

Determination and Dedication

In no particular order first stop is Stacey Knight - Jones.

I met Stacey at Bizmums. Stacey is the regional coordinator for Bizmums as well as team leader for Utility Warehouse.

Stacy is an amazing lady was such a bubbly personality and the determination to do well in life is so inspiring.

Stacey has always been a huge support for me on my Bizmums journey, she made me feel so welcome at the Bizmums meetings, and she was extremely supportive when I started up Bizmums Stafford, she has been sympathetic, seen my struggles, and supported my decisions.

Stacey has determination and dedication to do well in her business and deserves all the success she has achieved and is yet to achieve.

Thrives On Being Busy

Next stop is Steph Brown. Steph is another lovely supportive Bizmum. She is an award-winning childminder around stone and has built a business from scratch over the last four years. She prides herself on being extremely flexible and offers allsorts of care plans including overnight and weekend care.

Steph seems to thrive on being busy. Not only is she a single mum to her own two children, she runs her own childminding business which she is hoping to expand in years to come, Steph is also a Utility Warehouse Distributor, and strives to be the best she can be. Steph is also the Bizmums Stone Host.

Stephanie is the most organised person I know, she has at least the next five years planned out in both the business and personal life. Most of us would say I haven't got time, Steph makes time!

Steph is also extremely supportive to me as a fellow Bizmum, and as a fellow business owner. She always makes time to help me out and throws ideas at me when I'm stuck.

Running a Business and Travelling the World

My next inspirational person in Chanel Morales. I first met Chanel in 2017 when she came to one of my Bizmums meetings as a speaker. She ended up joining, and hasn't looked back.

Chanel is one of those ladies who has her finger in lots of pies, but not in a bad or greedy way. She has a major passion for life in general.

When I first met Chanel, she was a social media manager. A few months after meeting her, she came to a . Bizmums meeting and said she was hoping to travel the world.

Less than six months later Chanel packed up her life in the UK and is now living her dream and travelling around the world.

Chanel is also a fellow single mum to her daughter who is travelling the world with her also. Chanel is home schooling whilst on their travels.

She has also supported me in Bizmums and has been both speaker and showcase on several occasions.

I've been enjoying seeing Chanel's updates on Facebook, watching her lives and seeing her photos.

Last year Chanel launched the Dream Club which is a membership club/training program for women looking to start a profitable online business and follow their dreams.

If I were travelling the world I'd want to lay on the beach all day. I admire all the hard work Chanel is putting into her businesses.

Never Give Up!

My next inspirational lady is Heather Bird. Heather is another lovely lady I met through Bizmums – originally at stone before coming to support my meetings too. Heather used to be a teaching assistant. She was unhappy in her work and so she left, this obviously meant that she lost income. Heather launched her business in January 2017. I'm sure Heather won't mind me saying this, but in August 2017, Heather was ready to give up, but she didn't! Heather has now worked extremely hard and now runs an award-winning first-aid in health and safety training business HMB Training Services.

Heather also offers ideas and support for my business and we support each other in our personal lives to.

Support Network

Next up is Nicolina Barratt, I've not known Nicolina very long, but she never fails to come and support my meetings and we support each other in our businesses. Nicolina has also been a rock for me whilst I was going through a rough time whilst my Mum was poorly. Nicolina has started up her Virtual Assistant business at the same time as me, but rather than work against each other, we are going to work together- Nicolina is good with admin and numbers and I'm good at designing etc.

Founder of Bizmums

Next up is Michelle Childs. Michelle is the reason I met the ladies mentioned above. Michelle is founder and owner of Bizmums; she launched Bizmum's as she saw a gap in the market from mums in business. There are a lot of work at home mums, but there were no networking groups available for mums to take their children to, and so Bizmums was born. Six years later Bizmums is going from strength to strength, with numerous meetings all around the country, a supportive online community, plus an Academy of online courses, and of course Michelle's inspirational lives on Facebook! 😍

Battles on through

Next is a lovely lady from Cleveleys; Amy Wright. I met Amy when Chloe was a baby and we went to The same water babies swimming lessons together.

I never see Amy any more since moving to Stafford but we still keep in touch by a good old Facebook.

Amy is an inspiration because no matter how tough life gets she always battles through.

I love reading Amy's updates and watching her lives they always put a smile on my face.

Like most of us Amy has had our ups and downs but she always battles through and always has a smile on her face.

Best Buddies

Last but no means least is Jodie Bloomer. I met Jodie around 6 years ago when I first started out in business. I was selling Usborne Books and Jodie had a sweet stall, we became friends and are still friends now. We support each other through thick and thin and Jodie has always had my back and supports my decisions.

Thank you

Thank you ladies, you all have a special place in my heart.

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